Paint and Body

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Automotive Paint and Facility

Specially fabricated tools and techniques for PDR have been developed to remove dents, often up to the size of a football, from almost anybody panel of a vehicle. There is no body filler, sanding, or repainting involved. In most cases, when the process is complete the dent is no longer visible.

Auto Body Painting

Our paint system uses the latest in precision and advanced technology to deliver the highest quality paint finishes available that continue to exceed our customer’s expectations. We do collision work on all American and foreign cars and trucks – our process guarantees a beautiful finish and a perfect match. We use PPG paint with a lifetime warranty nationwide.


Computerized Color Matching

At Jeff’s Auto Body, we use only the best paints and paint matching systems available. PPG Automotive finishes provide a precision matching urethane paint system that is second to none in the auto body refinish industry. PPG is the world leader in automotive finishes with over 100 years of coating experience. A computerized mixing system gives each of our paint technicians the ability to accurately mix any color for any vehicle manufactured in the world today. We use a color reading camera to accurately match colors.


Vehicle Paint Booths

Our GARMAT Paint Booth is manufactured to our specifications and boasts a 1.5 million BTU air exchange, allowing us to force dry urethane finishes at 160ยบ F for 40 minutes. At this temperature and time frame, the PPG urethane finish achieves a full cure. After a ten minute cool down the vehicle can be detailed and ready for customer pickup. Baking process makes sure your vehicle can withstand the elements of weather immediately. If not baked, you have the chance of your clear coat failing.

Dent Repair & Removal

Using the latest technology and tools, skilled technicians can quickly remove dents on late model vehicles without repainting.

All new car owners dread that first dent. No matter how much we try to avoid it, the first dent can make a person feel that their car will never be the same again. We have a solution!

Many dents and dings can now be repaired without a trace, when the work is performed by a skilled technician. We now have techniques to remove many dents, keeping your original paint in place.

Dent repair is very effective for the following situations:

  • Very small to large dents
  • Generally 1990 model year and newer vehicles
  • No repainting or body filler needed
  • Affordable
  • Same-day service in most cases
  • No risk of paint overspray on other vehicle areas
  • No risk of incorrect color matching